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Empowering Language Growth for Every Student 

a system of online reading that guarantees language learning

Are your English learners growing?



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Meet with

students regularly



The EL class is the most diverse in the school. Giving students reading materials that appropriately challenge help them, allows teachers to automatically accommodate for different abilities in the same classroom.

Teachers know that time with their students is important, but every other responsibility takes away from valuable one-on-one time. With reading conferences being part of the curriculum, meeting with students becomes an important part of class time, and teachers can guide each student as they see fit for positive language learning.

Teachers work hard to accommodate for students' varying linguistic needs, but differences in knowledge, interest, and ability make this complicated and difficult. Our progress check puts each student in the language level that is best suitable for their personal language learning, and helps demonstrate growth as they read more and more!

AIR works.

AIR is simple.

  1. Register students.

  2. Students take a placement test and read what they want.

  3. Teachers meet with students, one-on-one.

At AIR Language, we know EL teachers want every student to learn. For that to happen, a teacher needs to adjust for varying levels of language learning and knowledge within the same classroom. The problem is, there aren’t many curricula that individualize, which makes teachers feel overwhelmed and insufficient. It is wrong for teachers to be limited in their instruction, so we invented a system in which teachers:

  • plan less

  • accommodate more

  • and meet with individual students.

Subscribe today, so you can stop stressing about accommodation and start providing for the needs of every EL student with our books and reading conferences.

Appearances and Accolades

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Don't teach from scarcity anymore.
Empower language growth for every student.

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