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Book Samples

We write and organize our books using three key metrics:

  1. Sentence Complexity​​

    • Level 1 begins with simple sentences, and by the time students arrive at level 4​​ they will have seen simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences.

  2. ​​​​Grammatical Sequence

    • Arranged according to Stephen Krashen's work on sequencing in acquisition, books progress​gradually introduce the grammatical schema students are ready to acquire.

  3. Functionality of Vocabulary​​​

    • Books are written with vocabulary that is useful for varying stages of language development and interaction with English speakers; lower levels of books contain more concrete, everyday language, useful at school with friends, and new meetings, while the vocabulary used in upper levels is more abstract and tends toward the more conceptual. 

For more information, you can request a free eBook here.

Note: on the platform, all books contain audio and a comprehension quiz.


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