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Register students on

Click to add your students to AIR Language with names & emails or via popular SSO platforms like Classlink, Clevor, etc. Students then will have access to 250+ English learning resources systematically arranged into four levels and 23+ topics.


Send bulk placement tests

Send each student a placement test that correlates to their reading level. Utilize our bulk actions to send out progress checks to your whole class with a few clicks. After, have your students read and take quizzes for 15 to 25 minutes per day.


Meet students 1:1 with regular reading conferences

During daily reading time with your class, confer 1:1, and set/assess goals with students. Utilize our student analytics, goal setting, and gamification features to make reading conferences fun and engaging! Get deep insights into every students' progress towards English language acquisition.

Teacher, Marietta City Schools

“The students who read did better in their other classes."

Teacher in Classroom

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